At Stovall's Obedience we are different than conventional dog training in several different ways.

With conventional dog training you pay to go to a set number of classes and your dog graduates whether it should or not. In this style of training the trainer neither has to be good, nor understand what they are doing or even care and you keep paying for their inadequacy, because when your classes are up you are done unless you want to pay more.

With Stovall's Obedience you pay for results, there are no evaluations as we CAN fix all problems and if it takes longer than normal that is our problem you pay no more. You are paying for results and an education. When anyone comes to us for training or to resolve a behavioral issue, we want them to understand the source of the problem. Once we establish a problem exists or the type of training needed we can begin to establish a custom program to teach the owner and dog to work as successful companions.


We give you an education that you will have the rest of your life and be able to use on every dog you have in the future (you don't have to bring every dog to be trained, you get the education to do it on your own).

We do not use food as reward, we use positive reinforced praise training (food training is bribery and tells the dog it is the leader as well as setting your dog up to be poisoned or stolen down the road).

We train your dog in a way that is the easiest for your dog to learn and understand.

We focus on safety being the first and foremost reason for training. By doing this we get many other benefits like being able to take your dob anywhere and in any situation and do anything with them. Making a partner or companion that is even more loved by all.

You now have an opportunity to tap Dr. Russell Stovall’s vast experience and knowledge in dealing with and solving ALL behavior problems on ALL breeds. He has yet to come across a behavior that could not be modified, thus leading to a happy and enjoyable life for you and your companion.

Education is the key to success. Unlike conventional dog training that either shows or tells you what to do and then expects you to do it without understanding why. Dr. Stovall expects you to understand why you do certain things.

All of our classes are conducted privately at your home. This way, you and your dog will get the personal attention required to restructure your current relationship.

You will learn to recognize what your dog is telling you and what you are telling your dog by your mutual actions.

Your dog will also learn self-control, to respect proper authority and paying attention.

Nutrition, health issues and all other behavior problems will be covered. We don't give you quick fixes or band-aides, but give you an education to work through all problems and keep problems from ever coming up in the future.

By the end of the beginning class, your dog will be: walking, lying down, and curbing (not crossing boundaries) under any and all sorts of distractions. We want all dogs to be totally safe.




Russell Stovall Ph.D.

Russ has been breeding Rottweilers since 1983 and Pugs since 1991. Every dog he has taken in to competition has been ranked nationally, including the #1 Shiba Inu in the U.S. and the #1 Pug in North America.

He started off training extensively with some of the top obedience people in North America and elsewhere, before taking dog training to a new level in order to deal with all behaviors and saving dogs previously deemed beyond help Russ has also trained with one of the top Schutzhund trainers out of South Africa.

He has given seminars throughout the Pacific Northwest to colleges, schools and utility companies focusing on canine behavior, bite prevention, dealing with aggression and other forms of behavior problems.

Russ has assisted members of the U.S. Customs, U.S. Coast Guard, F.B.I., L.A.P.D., State Patrols of Oregon and Washington, Sheriff’s Departments of Oregon, Washington and Idaho to create non-aggressive working units.

Russ is one of only a handful of trainers/evaluators for Heart Therapy Dogs International and has performed as an expert witness in dog related cases in Oregon, Washington, California and Texas. Russ is also a CGC evaluator and trained the #3 Doberman in the U.S., the #4 & #5 Rottwieler in the U.S and the first Ibizan Hound to ever have an obedience title.

With the increased reports of dog bites and aggression problems in the media, Russ moved to Houston in 1999 to fill the need for an exceptional and qualified trainer.

After over 20 years working dogs that other trainers could not or wouldn't work, he has NEVER found a problem that could not be fixed and has NEVER recommended a dog be put to death for behavior problems.


Ellen Stovall BA, MT, ASCP

"I grew up always having dogs, but realized when I was in my adulthood that although always having a dog I knew nothing really about them, or how to train them. So, I turned to professional trainers for help when I first started working with professionals in the dog training business, I discovered that all trainers are not created equal and that it didn't matter how long they had been training. My first trainer was a food trainer, I had a aggressive blue healer. I went to class and was told as the dog was jumping at me and trying to bite me not to correct him, but never told what to do to stop the dog from doing what it was doing, needless to say this did not go well.

My next trainer was just the opposite; she had no problem correcting the dog but had no idea how to properly praise the dog. At this time I had a very neurotic Doberman Pincher. It was during this time I had the opportunity to attend Russell Stovall's "Thinking Dog Seminar". At the seminar I learned any and all behavior problems could be over come. Inspired by Russ's seminar and the fact that any behavior could be overcome I rescued an aggressive Rottwieler from the pound and started working with her. When the trainer I was working with at the time couldn't help me, she encouraged me to contact Russell, which I did and started working with him. At that time, I had to drive 120 miles each way to work with him twice a week. That was in the spring of 1996, 6 months later I placed that Rottwieler with a 86 year old lady and her 4 long haired cats, where she still is.

I have been training with Russell ever since and in Sept. 1998 we got married and my dog training got more intense. When not working at Tomball hospital, I am training dogs, whether they are our own or client’s dogs. I have taken several breeds in the obedience and conformation ring and truly enjoy the education I get on a daily basis through the dogs and Russ."


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